Shadow Boxing

Frames & Art by Kluttz   Frames & Art by Kluttz ~ A shadow box is made from a deep moulding in which three-dimensional objects are displayed. We have one of the finest collections of shadow box mouldings from which to choose.  They come in a variety of hard woods, gold and silver finishes, and rustic design mouldings.

 Shadow boxing is an excellent way to display items that are very near and dear to the heart.  Frames & Art by Kluttz has framed a variety of  items over the years, enabling our customers to view and enjoy their keepsakes in a way that protects and preserves the items.  Such items include christening gowns, baby  bonnets, blankets, shoes, military and sports medals, violins, racing jackets, and dance shoes. In addition to ordinary items, many unusual items are presented for shadow boxing.  A fender from a race car was brought in for shadow boxing, as well as a thread-bare pair of  blue jeans that had been worn all through the customer's college years. Recently, we framed the tail feathers from three turkeys. All three were displayed in one shadowbox.

So, if you have special items tucked away in a drawer or closet, bring them to Frames & Art by Kluttz We will be happy to help you design a shadow box that will enable you to enjoy your treasures for many years. They will make wonderful additions to your home or office.   





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