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    There are many types of mountings to be considered when framing various objects such as original art work, limited edition prints, posters, Christening outfits, and dance shoes. There are literally hundreds of other objects that can be mounted.


Example of Float Mount

Types of Mountings:

Float Mount - When mounting a piece of artwork such as an original watercolor, a float mount is often chosen. Float mount means the piece of artwork is mounted on "top" of an acid free mat board using an adhesive such as rice starch. Rice starch is used for two reasons, first it will not harm the piece in any way and, if the framed piece falls off the wall, the rice starch bond should break before the artwork itself tears as a result of the impact. A float mount also allows the deckled edge of the artist's paper to show, creating a nice effect and emphasizing that the piece is an "original".

Drymount - Posters that need to be framed are usually drymounted. Drymounting involves permanently adhering the poster to a piece of foam board by placing fusion tissue between the foam board and the poster and then placing these pieces in a heat/vacuum press. The press vacuums the poster down against the board, while the heat melts the fusion tissue, creating a permanent bond. The drymounting process prevents the poster from becoming wavy due to heat and humidity after it is framed. Limited edition prints, originals, and diplomas should not be drymounted, as the process alters their original state.

Cold mount - Some pieces, such as architectural drawings, have to be cold mounted. This is achieved by applying a spray between the drawing and foam board before placing it in the vacuum press. Vacuum, but not heat, is used to adhere the pieces together. Heat creates a splotchy finish on certain types of drawings.

Object mounting - When heirlooms and collectibles need to be mounted, consideration is given as to  how they can best be mounted without destroying the condition or value of the object. Many times, objects are hand-sewn to the acid-free board, making sure that stitches are placed in inconspicuous areas, such as seams. Such items might include Christening outfits, baby shoes, dance shoes, collectible jerseys, jackets, hats, etc. Other objects, such as golf balls, baseballs, bats, coins, knives, swords, plates, metals, etc. are mounted by using a variety of special mounting devices that will protect the items and cause no harm to their original state.  

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