Caston Guitar #1


The first guitar that I built was an OM Model. I was inspired to build this guitar by my wife. I have worked with wood for over 30 years, building picture frames and doing fine detail work. Because of my background and love for woodworking, Marie convinced me I could build a guitar. Although I was apprehensive, I found out that I really could do it. The #1Guitar was built out of beeswing mahogany, which has a reddish color with brown tones. The top was AAA Sitka spruce, and the neck was mahogany. The sides were bent by hand, and the neck was carved by hand. I did all of the inlay work for the head stock and around the body, using real abalone shell. The sound hole had a kola rosette and with an abalone trim on the outside of the kola. All of the bracing was handed carved to create maximum tone. The finish was water base lacquer, hand polished to a high gloss. This guitar turned out to have a great tone, which inspired me to build others.

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